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Genesis 1: 1-2

In the beginning there was darkness over the deep and there was water.  The earth was formless and empty. Lord I try to picture it as it was.  All that is there is this dark void of nothingness.  There was water and darkness and there was you Lord! 

It says you were hovering over the waters. What is that word hovering in the Hebrew Lord?  The Hebrew word is Rachaph (raw-khaf’).  It is a verb and the definition is 1. To grow soft, relax and 2. To hover.

 Another verse in the Old Testament that uses this same word is the following:

“Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.”     Deut. 32:11

Lord this morning I am struck with this picture of you my “hovering,” God.  In Young’s Literal Translation it used the word “fluttering” over the deep.

Thank you Lord!  Thank you for giving me this picture of you hovering over, fluttering over, protecting, shielding, to deliver creation.  Thank you Lord for being a hovering God!  I so love you!

Genesis 1: 3-5

Dear God, I have always loved this verse!  It comes to mind so very often when praying for and with people regarding hard situations.  It to me is just such a picture of your power, might and authority.  You did not have to call on others to create the world.  All you did was speak it into being!  Your voice Lord commanded and it was!  I have always considered that such an amazing miracle…Wow!!!  Lord today I want to look at the original words in this verse.  I think it is very clear but show me, teach me more about who You are as I look at it more closely.

The creation of light from Matthew Henry’s Commentary

“God said, Let there be light; he willed it, and at once there was light. Oh, the power of the word of God! And in the new creation, the first thing that is wrought in the soul is light: the blessed Spirit works upon the will and affections by enlightening the understanding. Those who by sin were darkness, by grace become light in the Lord. Darkness would have been always upon fallen man, if the Son of God had not come and given us understanding, 1 John 5:20. The light which God willed, he approved of. God divided the light from the darkness; for what fellowship has light with darkness? In heaven there is perfect light, and no darkness at all; in hell, utter darkness, and no gleam of light. The day and the night are the Lord’s; let us use both to his honour, by working for him every day, and resting in him every night, meditating in his law both day and night. (Genesis 1:6-13)”

Lord I love the way Matthew Henry expanded upon who you are in these verses on you creating light.  Your power to speak light into the world is the same power that can speak light into a person’s life as you reveal yourself and your love to them. 

I also love that you separated the light from the darkness.  Thank you for also doing that in our lives as you reveal yourself and your love.  Thank you that you shine your awesome light into any dark places in us so that we can be like you.  We can be light!

Lord, thank you for being a God who speaks.  Thank you for being a God who gives light.  Thank you for being you!  I so love you!