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He’s Alive!!!

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate Resurrection Sunday having left the pain of Christ’s death on the cross for us and moving into the joy that He has overcome death and lives! He is seated at the right hand of the Father and lives in us and for us! This Easter season has had a tad bit more meaning after my awesome trip to Israel in February. What a blessing to see with my eyes the places I read about in the Bible. To see the Church of the Nativity with the spot they celebrate as His birthplace. To stand in the Garden of Gethsemane where He asked those with Him to keep watch and pray as He asked this cup be taken from him and then said to the Father, not my will but yours be done. I stood and looked over Jerusalem in the spot where He made His triumphal entry and wept as He overlooked the city knowing of the destruction that was to come as they would reject Him as the Messiah. I walked the stations of the cross to the place celebrated as His crucifixion place with emotions swirling. It was a cold, windy, rainy day and all I could think of as I suffered the weather was how my suffering was the tip of the iceberg as to what He my Lord suffered the day He walked this path. So many wonderful sights and sounds on that amazing trip with wonderful people and led by Pastor Wayne, his wife Cheryl and Pastor Marc. Andre our awesome guide was a walking encyclopedia filled with the spirit of God and made the life of Christ and God’s Word come alive as we traveled all over the country.

I will get back to Ezra 5, it is calling my name. I have been doing Beth Moore’s James study “Mercy” with my dear friend Karen and it is amazing! I look forward to more time to blog when I retire again at the beginning of August and can’t wait to see all God will give us in Ezra 5.

For right now, just have a blessed Easter with your family and friends as I will do. Thank you dear Lord Jesus for the work you did on the cross as you freely took upon yourself my sin and the sins of the world that in believing in you we might have eternal life. I am moved to tears and so very grateful that you have given me new life and created in me a new person. May I live each day as a praise to your glory in the freedom you have given me with a purpose and plan to fulfill. Stay in God’s Word and continually grow in knowing Him!