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I miss you!!!

Good morning little blog. I sure do miss you! Thank goodness dear Lord, that I haven’t missed you! I have seen you in my busy job, I have seen you on my trip to Israel. I have seen you in the death of my precious friend Karen after we got home from Israel. I have seen you daily working all around me. Thank you that you have allowed me to be a tiny part of it all! Thank you that Karen and I had almost finished our Beth Moore study on James when she went to be with you. I have finished the lessons and though it was hard to go and watch the video without Karen I will finish up the last two soon. Lord thank you that it is a reminder of how precious each day is. I should take nothing for granted because you may one day say today Carol, just as you did with Karen. Lord, I pray you take me as you did her. She was well, we had a great Bible study time together at lunch, she had a nice dinner with Don and then went to bed. She woke up in your arms my dear Lord. What a way to go! Give her a hug for me.

I really am anxious to get back to my Bible study on Growing in Knowing God. I miss searching your Word to see what I learn about who you are. To grow in my knowledge and love for you as I see your heart, your mind and your will as we study together. Thank you Lord for being a God who wants a relationship with me and not just my service to you. I love serving you and will so miss my job at Quail when I retire in August. You gave me a gift when you called me to come work there 5 years ago. I love our church family and you have given me awesome people to work for and with. I have had the best bosses ever and love my coworkers as family. The many volunteers that I interact with each day and our dear church family of 35 years have been such a blessing in my life. Thank you Lord! Thank you! I thought I was doing if for you and you were gifting it to me.

Lord with retirement comes more time. I am looking forward to just time to be. I also hold the time loosely since you called Karen home and the loss has made me really see my time is yours to do with as you would. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Lord, you have also reminded me that I had been making plans for my retirement that were not yours. Since the day I heard that loud and clear I am waiting Lord until you make it clear what is next for me. I know it won’t be just sitting in my rocking chair and knitting though I look forward to some of that too!

For now little blog, I will look forward to our time together soon, as we return to our study of Ezra. I don’t want to miss all the good things God has for us to know. Blessings to those of you who stop by from time to time. May you grow in knowing God as you get into His Word with Him as your guide.  Much love to you!