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Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe it has been since Thanksgiving that I posted last on my little blog! Time is moving way too quickly!

I am praying God has blessed you with a wonderful Christmas full of people and places you love! He certainly did that for me. I am such a blessed and grateful woman as 2011 winds down. I have a beautiful family, wonderful friends and so many people that I love who love me back. What on earth could I need besides that!

I am looking forward to getting back to our study of Ezra really soon. We are ready to start on Ezra 5:3. I know we have moved very slowly and am grateful that God is so patient with me as I have needed to slow down with the busy things in my life. I promise not to assume that because you don’t share what God gives you it doesn’t mean you aren’t opening His Word to see what He has for you there. Please do not assume that when I am not posting I have not seen God revealed on a daily basis in my life. I am so very grateful He is always working and allowing me to watch Him do that all around me.

Have a blessed week and we will be back to Ezra really soon! I can’t wait to learn more about who God is from His precious Word.

Love to you and yours!