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Happy Easter!

I love the week of Easter! Spring is just beginning to bring new plants, beautiful blossoms and spring showers that clean the air and make the green grass and trees shine. Most of all, I love celebrating my Lord’s resurrection! As much as I would like to skip over Good Friday and the agony He suffered on that cross it is just as important. I can’t focus on His resurrection and the new life it has brought me without first looking at what my sin added to His suffering. I can’t shout and rejoice in my renewed and redeemed life unless I from time to time reflect on who I was before He saved me. So today I take that time to reflect on the shame and the pit I was in when my Lord reached down from that cross and became the lifter of my head. The wages for my sin were death but He paid the price for my sin so that I now have eternal life. The enemy loves to remind me of who I was and the pain stabs my heart and tears can spring to my eyes but I much more quickly now days say, that is not me. I am a new creation in Christ and it is no longer I who lives but He that lives in me.

I met a little man at the post office today who had framed a picture he cut from a magazine of a cute baby on the Easter Bunny’s lap. I felt so sad that he must not have a close family if he would frame a magazine picture just because he thought it was wonderful. I stopped as I was driving off and he came out the door to tell him I thought God had blessed him with a good heart. He proceeded to tell me how Easter is always after the first full moon of spring. I mentioned celebrating my Lord’s resurrection and he repeated part of the story but then said he didn’t believe and the Bible had been written to keep people in line. I shared my belief and as I drove away I was so sad and asked God to draw and enable him to come to salvation.

How about you? How are you celebrating Easter this year? I would love to hear about it! Who is Jesus to you? Do you see the pictures of Him on the cross and feel as pierced as He was for you? He would never want us to stay at the foot of the cross because He isn’t there any longer. That brings us to Easter morning!!

He is alive! Death and the grave could not hold Him. He did the work, shed His blood and gave His life for us. Now He lives in those who believe that His blood paid the price for their sin. It never gets old! That He loved me enough to do that for me when I had no clue and didn’t love Him never ceases to amaze me. He who knows me best, loves me most as the old Gaither song says. I wish to spend every day of my life with Him. I know I am always in His presence but I want to have my eyes squarely on His face and be aware of His presence. I am so blessed and so very grateful and am excited to celebrate Easter this Sunday with my dear family. I am praying that you will be celebrating the resurrection of your Lord this Easter. If you don’t know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, feel free to let me know and we will talk about how you can do that. I am asking God to give you such a clear awareness of His love for you that it amazes you! Have a wonderful day this Easter dear one! Much love to you and yours!