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Psalm 8:1

Good morning my precious friends! Today we will begin to look at Psalm 8. I say begin because there is way too much about who God is in this Psalm to do it justice in one sitting. So we will break it down and do it a little at a time. One thing I know we need to do is not rush through reading God’s Word. It isn’t something to speed through as our fast food, fast paced world around us has us prone to do at times. God’s Word is full of treasures to richly bless our life and should be savored, meditated on and taken deeply into our hearts, minds and souls. In that pursuit lets take a look at verse one today.

Verse one starts with praise for the majesty of God’s name. Some of the versions use excellent and glorious in the place of majesty. I think at times it helps to look up the meaning of a word in the dictionary. It sometimes can expand the meaning in new ways. Here is what the Webster Dictionary has as the meaning of the word majesty:

1. regal, lofty, or stately dignity; imposing character; grandeur: majesty of bearing
2. supreme greatness or authority; sovereignty

This is who our God is. Just His name has majesty! Today I want to spend some time just meditating on His majesty. I want this description to fill my mind with Who my God is! I want to soak in that He is regal, lofty and is dignified! My God’s character is imposing! He is grand and His bearing is majestic. He is supreme in greatness, supreme in authority. He is sovereign. It is more than I can take in. I know my finite mind only begins to see God’s majesty.

Take some time today to focus on growing in knowing God’s majesty. Look around you at His creation and see and feel Him there. Later in this Psalm David does that. Make this your focus today.

I am so glad we are on this journey together! I would love to hear how God shows you His majesty. We grow in knowing God when we share our individual encounters with God through His Word and our lives. Love to you and yours. I have asked God to bestow a special blessing on you today. Watch for it!!!


Psalm 7

Good morning! Spring has been really interesting this year. We have had wonderful cool nights and perfect 70’s days. I have been able to spend lots of time out in my garden planting and relocating my fountain to work on a solar pump my kids gave me for Mother’s day. I love this time of year. I did say it had been interesting. Yesterday and today it has been rainy. Just sprinkles but enough you really don’t want to spend time outside in it. It is gray and overcast and I am a gal who loves the sunshine. I didn’t say the heat but the sunshine. I am thanking God for this almost fall like weather and time to come inside and spend time with you on my little blog. Today we will take a look at Psalm 7.

Psalm 7

This psalm is a psalm of David and is chock full of attributes and actions of God. In our pursuit to read God’s Word to grow in knowing Him we will look at these things it says about Him.

Verse 1 tells us that God is a place of refuge. We can run to Him and take refuge there. We also see He is a God of protection and deliverance from any who pursue us. We may not have people pursuing us physically but we do have a real enemy who pursues us spiritually and wants to destroy our faith in God.

Verse 2 talks about those pursuing who would tear him like a lion and rip him to pieces with no one to rescue him. This is much like I Peter 5:8 that describes the devil as our enemy prowling like a lion looking for someone to devour. So, we can easily relate to this passage and see God as our only savior and deliverer.

Verses 3-5 is really about confessing and asking God to search his life for any wrong doing. The following verses tell me why he can do that with confidence. It is because:

  • Verse 6 – God is a God who gets angry when we are messed with. He will rise up and take action against those who come against us and He decrees justice.
  • Verses 7 & 8 tells us He judges according to our righteousness and integrity. He is God Most High. The final judge. I am so grateful that through the blood of Jesus my Lord and Savior He sees me as righteous.
  • Verse 9 tells us He can judge our righteousness because He is righteous. He doesn’t just judge actions but searches our minds and hearts to bring about change and to make us secure in Him.
  • Verses 10 & 11 let us know that God the Most High is a shield of protection. He saves the upright heart and is a righteous judge.
  • Verses 11b- 13 says He expresses His wrath every day and He sharpens His sword, bends the string on His bow and is prepared to use deadly weapons. He makes ready his flaming arrows.

I don’t know about you but I fall on my knees and ask God to search my heart and mind and let me know of anything He wants removed from my life. I live in God’s Grace and Mercy each and every day but I never want to lose sight of how seriously He takes sin in my life. Verses 14-16 lets me know He will not tolerate evil.

After taking a sobering look at this Psalm, I with David say, “I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.” I am glad that I have a righteous God who holds me to a higher standard. A God who expects me to behave in ways He gives me clearly in His Word. I am grateful that my righteous God provided a way for me to share in His righteousness. I am glad He is my refuge and my strength to do what I can’t on my own. I am grateful I have a God who searches the heart and mind and won’t let us dig too deep and pit that we fall into it and get lost forever. Let us ask Him each day to search our hearts and minds to let us know what needs forgiving and changing.

What about you? What do you see about who God is when you read Psalm 7? Please leave a comment and let us know. I want to learn from you too. Blessings my sweet friends! Have a wonderful day and keep reading God’s Word to grow in knowing Him!

Psalm 6

Good morning! Today is a beautiful spring day in sunny California! I love this time of year when the mornings are crisp and afternoons sunny and bright. Birds are singing and the sky is blue. My plants in the yard are lush and green and I love being out there digging in the dirt and planting something new. When I am out there I feel the Lord’s smile because we know He loves to create and His creation outshines anything we can ever do. What is it like where you live? Are you spending time outside with the Lord creating something beautiful? Don’t get caught up in doing and not spend some time just being with Him.

Today we will look at Psalm 6. In our pursuit to see what God’s Word says about who He is and what He is like we have to rely on eye-witness accounts of who He is through the eyes of someone else at times. Sometimes we see His actions and hear His voice through the prophets but at times it is through the relationship He has with people like you and me. Well, not exactly like you and me but real people who God chose to reveal Himself through. We have already talked about the fact that He called David a “man after His own heart.” Today as we read this Psalm we will see who God is through David’s eyes.

Verse 1 tells us our God rebukes in anger and disciplines in wrath. I don’t know about you but I would rather focus on His love and mercy than on his anger and wrath. That is why I began this journey of Growing in Knowing God. I have studied the Bible enough to know where to go to read about His Grace and Mercy but if that is where I camp am I really seeing Him clearly? I don’t want a distorted view of God. I want to know Him through and through. Though that isn’t possible in my lifetime I want to dig for the treasures of the gold and silver of truth in His Word. There has to be a balance of Grace and Truth. I remember reading that in one of Cloud and Townsend’s books years ago. We can’t just focus on the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy without the balance of results of living our life doing our own thing or carving out our own type of religion falling on either side of the Grace and Truth spectrum. David was a sinner just like us. He also knew God intimately and had felt His anger at his adultery and then murder of Uriah in 2 Samuel 11 and God’s discipline in the death of his baby conceived in adultery in 2 Samuel 12. God is a God who rebukes and disciplines when needed. That is part of who He is. He is a Holy God and will not be mocked by just doing what we want when it counters what He calls us to do in His Word.

Verse 2 allows us to see that though God disciplines and rebukes when necessary He also is merciful and heals both body and soul. We see in verse 4 that He is a God who delivers and saves because of His unfailing love. Verse 8 tells us He hears our weeping. Verse 9 says, “The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.”

My dear friends that is the bottom line. Overarching all is our God is a God who hears our cries for mercy in our sin and suffering over it, He not only hears but He accepts our repentance and broken hearts over our failures and accepts us through the blood of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, who died on that cross for our sins.

On this beautiful spring day I have a grateful heart that I have a loving, forgiving, merciful, God who will be angry and discipline me if necessary. After all, isn’t that what true love is? What about you? What do you see in Psalm 6 about who God is? Let us know! Sharing only expands our growing in knowing Him. Now go out there and dig in the dirt, plant something and enjoy the presence and pleasure of God in His beautiful creation. Blessings!

Psalm 5

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are Moms. I am blessed to be Mom to my firstborn, Heidi, and my baby boy, Rob. Both are in their 40’s and I love them so. It seems only yesterday they were small and now they are parents and Heidi is a grandmother. I am so blessed to be called mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My family is a precious gift of God to me. They bless my life daily and are by far my greatest joy!

Today we will look at Psalm 5. This is another Psalm written by David. If you are just joining us, we are looking at God’s Word in the Psalms to help us grow in knowing Him. There are so many things in His Word that give us the many blessings to us but for this study we only want to focus on who He is. I would love to have you study this Psalm and share with us what you see about Him. By sharing we all gain more knowledge and see more clearly who our God is.

Psalm 5

Verse 3 tells us that the Lord hears our voice. I love that not only may we lift our prayers to Him and know that He hears but it goes on to say, “I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” He hears our requests and we can expect Him to answer. Though He doesn’t always answer the way we think best we can expect Him to answer with the very best for the situation.

Verses 4 – 6 makes it very clear that He cannot be compromised. Some of the things it tells us about Him are:

  • He does not take pleasure in evil.
  • The wicked cannot dwell with Him.
  • The arrogant cannot stand in His presence.
  • He hates all who do wrong.
  • He destroys those who tell lies.
  • He abhors bloodthirsty and deceitful men.

Verse 10 makes it clear our God judges right and wrong. Verses 11-12 completes this Psalm with wonderful characteristics of our God in relationship with the righteous and those who take refuge in Him. Some of these follow:

  • We can take refuge in Him and be blessed with gladness and everlasting joy!
  • He brings us joy in Him as He spreads His protection over us.
  • He blesses the righteous and surrounds them with His favor as with a shield.

As always, I will remind that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. None of us are perfect and the section on His hating those who do wrong is not talking about those who believe in Jesus as their savior and still do wrong on occasion. This is talking about those who live their lives doing wrong. In the same respect none of us lead a totally righteous life on our own. Those who accept the free gift of grace and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus on the cross for us are seen as righteous through Him.

Take a look at Psalm 5 and see what God gives you about who He is. Share that with the rest of us. The goal of this study will always be to grow in knowing God. I am so grateful you are taking this journey through some of the Psalms with us. Be blessed until we meet again!

Psalm 4

Happy Sunday! Today in his sermon Pastor Randy Mitrovich talked about living our lives out of our suitcase and not trying to live out of other people’s suitcases. He told a story of a man taking a trip and grabbing his suitcase off of the luggage carousel and finding later at his hotel that it wasn’t his but someone else’s. Not only that but it was a woman’s with stiletto heels and all. He used that story to say we wouldn’t want to live out of that other person’s suitcase so why do we want to live their lives? He talked about the fact that when we pack for a trip we put in all the things we will need on that trip. Then He said that God did that when He created us. He used one of my favorite life verses, Psalm 139. We won’t take a look at it yet but it will definitely be one we do later. It talks of God creating us in our mother’s wombs and knowing every day of our lives before we are even born. Pastor Randy said He had “packed” us for the journey that each of us would be taking. Since He created us one-of-a-kind the packing would be unique to us. The things He packed for us are the unique gifts and talents He has given us. The bottom line of His sermon is that we need to know what our gifts are and then use them in our service to God. Do you know how He has packed you? There are many spiritual gift tests and personality tests you will be able to find to help you discover them if you don’t. Take the time to do the work my sweet friends. Don’t look around and try to live out of other people’s suitcases. Find how He has designed you and then jump in and work in your giftedness. OK! I just had to take that little side trip in our journey through the Psalms. Today we will look at Psalm 4 in our pursuit to grow in knowing God.

Psalm 4

David’s request at the beginning of this Psalm is that God would answer him when He called. He is asking for relief from distress, for mercy and that God would hear his prayer. He talks about those who love delusions and seek false gods. In verse 3 we see our God as setting apart the godly for Himself. I don’t know about you but I love that He has set me apart. To me that means I am special. He has separated me from those who turn His glory that He created them for to shame. Yes, my dear friends I am one of the godly ones. Oh, not for anything I do or have done or ever will do. I am only seen by Him as godly through the blood of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, and His death on the cross for me. But I am glad we have a God who “sets apart” those who are His.

David, almost in the same breath, says the Lord hears him when he calls. Not only does He set us apart but when we belong to Him He is always available, always present, always hears us when we pray. David gives us some great tips on what our part is but we are looking at who God is so we will skip to verses 6-8 to see some more about our God. Here are some of what it tells us about Him. He shines His face upon us, He fills our hearts with greater joy, He gives us peace because He keeps us safe.

We are so blessed my friends! We have a God who loves us so! Read through Psalm 4 and let us know what you see about who God is. I would love to learn from you! Just as God created us unique and one-of-a-kind, He also speaks to our hearts one-on-one as we study His Word. When we share what He gives us, it expands our knowledge of who He is. We learn from Him and in sharing that with each other we get to learn more.

Have a blessed week! Stay in God’s Word each day! Love Him, love yourself and your uniqueness and love others as you walk this journey you are on. I am praying God will allow you to feel His face shine on you every moment until we meet again. Much love to you and yours!