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Genesis 3:8-15 Merry Christmas!

I am blown away when I read this section of scripture at the love, mercy, gentleness and care of my God. They had just ruined all He had planned for them. They had failed to see how very much his rules about the trees were out of love and concern for their well being. They had been having perfect communion with God since their creation and yet didn’t know His will, devised out of His pure and perfect love, was a blessing. They had just believed saten over Him and chose death over eternal life with God. Yet I don’t see God blaming or accusing instead He just asks them what happened.

We know He knew exactly where they were at when they tried to hide from Him. When God said in verse 9, “Where are you?,” does it hold as much meaning to you as it does to me? I feel God wasn’t talking about their physical position. I think He was going much deeper than that. Doesn’t He do that with us at times? I can almost hear Him at times saying, “Carol, where are you?” There are times when I have been merrily going my own way and doing my own thing and suddenly my attitude is on the ground and I am so far removed from Who I am in Christ I don’t even know who I am. You too?

When Adam responds that when He heard God he was afraid because he was naked so he hid, what did our loving God feel. I think it tore His heart in two! He had created them and loved them and spent time with them and now they were afraid of Him! To me the greatest hurt must have been they just really didn’t know how very much He loved them. Love has been replaced by fear and not a healthy fear of the Lord as in respect for who He is but Adam had expressed that upon hearing God walking in the garden He was afraid. Adam was afraid because he was naked (verse 10.) He had sinned and was no longer perfect and innocent. It had skewed his perception of who he was. The guilt and shame had made him feel that though this was about an internal choice it affected all of him including his external naked body. God in His love and patience says, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”

Now starts the blame game. Adam blames Eve and so God asks Eve, “What is this you have done?” Eve’s response was, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” God starts with questioning Adam, then goes on to get Eve’s side of it but when He gives the consequences He starts with saten. God knows it all. He saw it all unfold. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Even dealing with saten He hears all of their side. The only one He doesn’t question or ask his side is saten. He knows this enemy and his hate for God and those He loves. He doesn’t have to ask him why. He is the deceiver and father of lies. If saten was proud of what he had accomplished he was soon to understand God was the victor now and forever.

What better time than Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to see the first mention of Him in scripture. Verse 15b says, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heel.” Saten was given the death sentence right there at his first temptation of mankind. Though he continues to tempt us and deceive and lie to us, he is a defeated foe. Christ did come and saten had his chance to strike his heel on the cross. He came and died for all of our sins and was resurrected to sit as our advocate in heaven. When we are deceived or choose to sin He is there saying to saten the accuser who is pointing it out, I died for that one, my blood has washed her/him white as snow and she is clean. He will do that until we are perfect and whole in heaven with Him.

Do you have that assurance? Have you accepted His free gift of salvation and eternal life? If not, don’t waste another minute of fearing what God thinks of you and the choices you have made. Pick up his Word, get on your knees and talk to Him, call someone who knows Him as Savior and make sure that this Christmas you have the most wonderful gift of all, Jesus Christ! Your life will never be the same my friend! God bless and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Genesis 3: 6-7

So, what do we learn about who God is from these two verses? They are the next two verses in this sad tale of the fall of man (and woman.) In fact she really seems to be the central character in this sad story. So what was it that made her finally give in? “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

OK, I can identify with her in wanting food I shouldn’t eat. I can really identify with seeing something that I really like and wanting it. Like Eve wisdom is desirable but usually not at the top of my list in the lusting after things department. Whether it be my sugar free chocolate from Rocky Mountain Choc Factory or a new pair of jeans I know it usually starts either in my seeing it or thinking about it. She was already thinking about it because saten made sure of that when he called attention to the tree in the first place. And what do you know, Adam was with her…first we see of him in Chapter 3. Was he there all along or did he just mosey up at the last minute? These are all questions I can’t wait to have answered. I want to know if it was as easy for them to be deceived as it seems or as Ronni pointed out was something they agonized over. Did the temptation go on over several days or did it all transpire as quickly as it seems in these few short verses?

No matter the duration of time, it doesn’t change how it must have affected our loving God! We have already talked about the fact that I think He cried but I think He cried not just tears of sadness but cried out in great agonized sobs. He had offered mankind a perfect place to live, a perfect relationship with Him and now they aren’t satisfied and want the one thing He says they shouldn’t have FOR THEIR OWN GOOD! What I learn about God is that He has such an amazing love! The testament to His love is that He doesn’t intervene and snatch saten and the two of them up to keep this from happening. He doesn’t do it with us either. I know He doesn’t want our obedience out of a sense of duty or to perform for our worth. The thread of His awesome love winds all through scripture and the fact that we can’t and won’t earn that love is abundantly clear also. I stand in awe of my God and His great love for Adam and Eve and for you and me. I am brought to tears at the thought of what my sin and lack of faith at times must do to my loving God. How very sad that must make Him!

What do you learn about God from this third chapter of Genesis? I would love to learn from you! Every time you share I see more of who God is through your eyes and hearts. Blessings my friends! May you feel the love of God to the marrow of your bones as you open His Word to grow in knowing Him.