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End of the year challenge

I have embarked on an exciting journey. A little over a week ago I was thinking of all of the times that I had begun some kind of program for reading through God’s Word in a year. I have started them at the beginning of the year and when something came up and I got behind I would just give up. I know, I am not really proud of my tendency to procrastinate and so easily get off track. The day I was thinking of it I had just finished reading the last book of the year for my book club. When I thought about the fact that there are 66 books of the Bible, I realized that if I read one book a day, doubling up when a book was small, I might be able to finish reading all the way through by the end of the year. I had 49 days to do it.

This is different then my usual reading and studying His Word. I love analytical Bible study. I can camp on one verse or a chapter for quite some time. I like to see what the original greek or Hebrew meant for the key words and will look up the meanings of the words in a dictionary or subjects in other reference books. This time I am forcing myself to just keep reading. I am underlining some things that jump out at me and placing an asterisk beside them. It will be great to go back through and spend a bit more time on them later. I am not doing what I have been doing in this Bible study blog. The focus is only getting the overview and not seeing what it says about who God is but I can tell you I have seen my God in huge ways as I have been reading through it.

How about you? I would like to challenge you to commit to reading one book a day to read through it in 66 days or less if you double up when a book is small. Start in Genesis and read one right after the other. Though that might not be in chronological order, it is the way God has allowed it to be put together. What will you have to give up to do this? Maybe a TV program or two or reading that latest best seller. I promise you that you will be blessed beyond belief if you accept my challenge. Let me know if you do. I will be praying for you and I ask you to pray for me to finish this journey by the end of the year.

Blessings to you and yours for a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Growing in knowing God – Psalm 11

Good morning! I woke up to a chill in the air and loving my cozy pink bathrobe and fuzzy fleece throw. These fall days are some of my favorites and enjoyed doing Bible study yesterday in the morning in my comfy warm chair inside and being able to put on shorts and tee-shirt and work in the yard in the sun in the afternoon. Thank you Lord for the blessing of the various seasons we have and the beauty all around us each and every day.

Today I open my Bible to the Psalms again. I love the Psalms and the clear picture we see in them of who our God is. When I started our little journey in the Psalms I intended to just skip around but each and every one of them so far has blessed me so that I continue to just take each as it comes. I love that scripture can be gobbled or slowly chewed…whichever we need at the time. It always restores, renews, corrects and draws us closer to our awesome God. So, what do I see today about who God is in Psalm 11?

  • Verse 1 – He is a God I can take refuge in
  • Verse 4 – He is in His Holy Temple and on His Heavenly Throne! He hasn’t gone on vacation or taken the day off! Thank you Lord! He observes what is going on and not with just a glance but He examines it. The original for this word is He will try the sons of men. This is all about His justice.
  • Verse 5 & 6 – He examines the righteous but the wicked and those who love violence He hates. This goes on to say He will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur and scorching wind on the wicked.
  • Verse 7 – Why? For the Lord is righteous. He loves justice. The blessing for us? Upright men will see HIs face.

The Young’s Literal Translation makes this a little more clear in that it really is about the fact that we can seek refuge in our God because He isn’t missing anything in our lives. He sees the unjust things that happen to us and He will take care of it. Thanks be to Jesus my Lord that died on that cross for me which allows God to see me as righteous in Him. I can with confidence count myself as one of the righteous that He shows His face to, not of my own doing but as a free gift of grace to me. Does that get me off the hook in this Psalm? No! For sure it makes it clear to me that God loves justice and hates (strong word but what is said) the wicked and those who love violence. I want to examine my heart before God to make sure I am living a life that is just.  Am I loving people the way He wants and do I treat others with justice? Not a condemning justice but being fair to all in my sphere of influence. Think about it. It can go deep. This study is focusing on who God is but we need to always be careful to examine ourselves with the truth it gives.

Have a blessed day and enjoy all that God has provided you! What do you see in Psalm 11 about who God is? I would love to hear about it. Love to you and yours! See you again soon, as we read God’s Word to grow in knowing Him!

Growing in Knowing God in Psalm 10

Hi there! How is your day going? I love fall and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. I feel it is a gift from God as we head into winter. It’s like He is saying, “Don’t forget me when things get cold and days gloomy. I will still be here painting your life with vivid color if you just look around and see it.”

Our dear Pastor Randy Mitrovich taught on complaining and gratitude last Sunday. I can so be like those grumbling Israelites who were not happy with the bounty God provided and wanted more. Instead of seeing all that God has provided I focus on something I think I am missing. Today, I am so very grateful for the freedom I have to study God’s Word and to blog my thoughts about what I see. Thank you God for the awesome freedom I have! Let’s open Psalm 10 and see what we can find about who our God is, what He likes and doesn’t like, who we are in Him, all in the desire to grow in knowing Him.

Psalm 10
In verse 1 we see that at times it seems God is far away. Do you feel like that today? We all do at times. Its like, where are you God! Don’t you see what is happening? Why aren’t you doing anything? David felt God was hiding Himself just when David needed Him.

Verses 2-13 are all about what happens when we let our focus stray from God and His truths. I find myself here way more than I should be at this stage in my walk with God. If fits right in with complaining and grumbling because it is looking at the circumstances around us that seem to contradict the truth that God will never leave us or forsake us. We see these things everyday on the news or in our own lives personally. Evil is alive and well. The bad guy seems to be winning. The shifty co-worker who puts in minimal hours but gets the same pay when we work late every night doing the job to the best of our ability. The boastful guy or gal who seem to fit verse 5-6, “His ways are always prosperous; he is haughty and Your laws are far from him; he sneers al all his enemies. He says to himself, ‘Nothing will shake me; I’ll always be happy and never have trouble.'” Yep! We all know some of these people.

Finally in Verses 14-18 David takes his eyes off the circumstances and voices his faith in who his god is:

  • verse 14 “you, O God, do see trouble and grief; you consider it to take it in hand….You are the helper of the fatherless.”
  • Verse 16 “The Lord is King for ever and ever;”
  • Verse 17 & 18  “You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed.

He wraps up this Psalm with why God does this. “In order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify now more.” What are your fears my precious friend? What is terrifying you? Take your eyes off of the pain, suffering and terrifying things in your life and open God’s Word and see more clearly who He is. He is there! He cares! He will take care of it! It may not be how you think it should be or in the time frame you would choose but make no mistake, if you ask Him to be involved and allow Him to be the loving, faithful God He is, you can rest in His peace as you trust in Him.

I am blessed and grateful to have studied with you today. What did God give you in Psalm 10? May our God who is faithful allow us to soar with Him until the next time.