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When people who should love you don’t seem to – learning from Jesus

“You study the scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.”   John 5:39-40

I have so enjoyed being on a teaching team studying the life of Jesus from the harmony of the gospels. As I have studied it has hit me over and over how Jesus dealt with the Jewish leaders and teachers. As the scripture above states from His response to their persecution over healing on the Sabbath, He tells them so much about who He is. Over and over as they resent Him, try to discredit Him, persecute Him and eventually send Him to the cross He continues to share and make clear His deity and purpose and how it is the fulfillment of the many prophecies regarding the Messiah from the Law they considered themselves to be experts in.

Jesus’ love and compassion and the way He gives them the truth but always gives them opportunities to believe amazes me. These are the ones who should have loved Jesus more! They are the ones who had the Word so deeply rooted in their lives they should have immediately recognized who He was. He just didn’t look like what they thought He should. He didn’t do the things they thought He should. Do you have someone in your life like that? Do they miss who you really are because they think or want you to be something else. Are they so critical of who you aren’t that they miss loving you for who you are?

We have an awesome opportunity to grow in knowing God. When we see how He interacts with the Pharisees we can know how to interact with these people in our lives. We can never give up on them or the relationship we have with them. We can listen to their criticism and continue to love them and want them to know who we are. We can be who we are without compromising our spiritual values and purposes. We can search out God’s Word to see what He does with those who don’t love Him or don’t love Him as they should. I confess that is me sometimes! So much of the time I love myself more than Him in actions and deeds.

I am so glad we are on this journey together! I would love to hear what God is showing you about who He is from His Word! Keep on growing in knowing God! Blessings my sweet friends!


When God’s Word is familiar look for a new thing He wants to give you!

Today I was studying Luke 10 for this weeks Sunday School Lesson. As I read through this familiar passage about the Good Samaritan I thought, Lord, let me always see your Word with fresh eyes, let me hear you speak to my heart in any new way you desire. At almost 69 years old and a Bible student for 40 some years I have heard this account and studied it numerous times. I am reminded of the passage in Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” He goes on to say the wild animals honor Him because He provides water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to His people, His chosen, the people He formed for Himself that they might proclaim His praise.

I don’t ever want to miss the new things God may be wanting to do in my life. So what do I see in these scriptures that I could say is new? When I read them with the desire to know more about who God is, this is what I see. From the parable of the Good Samaritan it was Jesus’ patience with this expert in the law who was asking the questions to test Jesus. I am so grateful that my Lord is so patient that He doesn’t just call him on his motives but takes the time to make it so clear to him how to live a godly life. His first letting him show that he did have knowledge of the scriptures probably was much better received than condemnation. And with his second question he took the time to give him a perfect illustration of what it looked like to love your neighbor as yourself. He showed that the Samaritan, enemy of the Jews, showed mercy and was that good neighbor regardless of hatred and years of bad feelings. The new thing He gave me in it was I too have and enemy I had never prayed for. He is Satan the enemy of my soul. Today for the first time ever I prayed he would repent of his evil and evil ways. I do know the end of the story and know that doesn’t happen but it was good for me to do that and to think of others in the world I live in that I may feel shouldn’t receive mercy. I can think of the evil ISIS terrorists who are killing Christians, the murders, rapists, gang members who cause so much evil in my city and world. I need to be praying they will repent and turn from their wicked ways. I know that my Lord Jesus died for their sins as much as He did for mine.

So, get in God’s Word today and see what new thing He might want to show you. Expect Him to always be doing a new thing in your life. Have a great week and spend time with Him each day. May you have new and wondrous treasures to share when we meet again.

Join me!

Genesis 1: 1-2

In the beginning there was darkness over the deep and there was water.  The earth was formless and empty. Lord I try to picture it as it was.  All that is there is this dark void of nothingness.  There was water and darkness and there was you Lord! 

It says you were hovering over the waters. What is that word hovering in the Hebrew Lord?  The Hebrew word is Rachaph (raw-khaf’).  It is a verb and the definition is 1. To grow soft, relax and 2. To hover.

 Another verse in the Old Testament that uses this same word is the following:

“Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.”     Deut. 32:11

Lord this morning I am struck with this picture of you my “hovering,” God.  In Young’s Literal Translation it used the word “fluttering” over the deep.

Thank you Lord!  Thank you for giving me this picture of you hovering over, fluttering over, protecting, shielding, to deliver creation.  Thank you Lord for being a hovering God!  I so love you!

Genesis 1: 3-5

Dear God, I have always loved this verse!  It comes to mind so very often when praying for and with people regarding hard situations.  It to me is just such a picture of your power, might and authority.  You did not have to call on others to create the world.  All you did was speak it into being!  Your voice Lord commanded and it was!  I have always considered that such an amazing miracle…Wow!!!  Lord today I want to look at the original words in this verse.  I think it is very clear but show me, teach me more about who You are as I look at it more closely.

The creation of light from Matthew Henry’s Commentary

“God said, Let there be light; he willed it, and at once there was light. Oh, the power of the word of God! And in the new creation, the first thing that is wrought in the soul is light: the blessed Spirit works upon the will and affections by enlightening the understanding. Those who by sin were darkness, by grace become light in the Lord. Darkness would have been always upon fallen man, if the Son of God had not come and given us understanding, 1 John 5:20. The light which God willed, he approved of. God divided the light from the darkness; for what fellowship has light with darkness? In heaven there is perfect light, and no darkness at all; in hell, utter darkness, and no gleam of light. The day and the night are the Lord’s; let us use both to his honour, by working for him every day, and resting in him every night, meditating in his law both day and night. (Genesis 1:6-13)”

Lord I love the way Matthew Henry expanded upon who you are in these verses on you creating light.  Your power to speak light into the world is the same power that can speak light into a person’s life as you reveal yourself and your love to them. 

I also love that you separated the light from the darkness.  Thank you for also doing that in our lives as you reveal yourself and your love.  Thank you that you shine your awesome light into any dark places in us so that we can be like you.  We can be light!

Lord, thank you for being a God who speaks.  Thank you for being a God who gives light.  Thank you for being you!  I so love you!