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Our last study in Genesis, Genesis 3:16-24

As I read through this last section of Genesis that we will study at this time, the love God had for Adam and Eve amazes me. I am often amazed at God and His mighty love for me and all others. Verses 16-20 are the consequences for their sin. This is so sad when they had lived in a perfect world with perfect relationship with God. The consequences were pain, relationship issues, having to provide their own food from ground that would be unwilling and hard to work, but most of all they lost eternal life with God and would now die at some point. We know that God in His mighty love provided the sacrifice of His own son so we can have eternal life but at this moment in time the death sentence was pronounced for their sin.

The love of God shines so strongly in verses 20-24. He sacrifices one of His beloved animals that He created to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness. I don’t think that was easy for Him. I think the first sacrifices He set up for forgiveness of sin were also a sacrifice for our precious God just as later the sacrifice of His own son for the sins of the world surely was. When He sends them from the Garden of Eden it is for their benefit. The beautiful place He had created for them to live and for Him to spend time with them held the danger of their disobeying again and eating from the tree of life and putting them in an eternal state of sin. He could no longer trust them to do what they should. He could no longer have confidence that His love for them would be repaid with love and obedience. He drove them out and placed them on the east side of the Garden of Eden. The fact that it says He drove them tells me they did not go willingly. Were there tears from Adam and Eve? Was God weeping too?

I do not want to end this study of Genesis on such a sad, sad note! I want to end it with again looking at who God is and what it tells me about Him. What do I know about Him from these last verses of Genesis 3? He is a God who keeps His promises. He offers us His love, protection and provision. Will it always be wonderful? No, just as in Adam and Eve’s time we choose to disobey and there is sin in the world on our part and others that affect our lives. There are consequences for our sin. That will never change. We are not going to slide by and be able to sin without the discipline of consequences. When we are truly honest, that is one of the most loving things He does for us. He allows us to know Him by reading His Word, talking to Him, choosing to yield and submit to His will in our lives and trusting Him for those things we don’t understand or wish were different. The bottom line is we are so very blessed because He, the God who spoke and put this world in place, loves us! He loved us enough to come to this earth and die on that cross for us so that we may have eternal life in relationship with Him. He fixed what we in our lack of love for Him messed up. He loves us enough that when we pick up His Word He speaks to us! He loves us enough that He allows us to join Him in what He is doing all around us! He loves us enough to forgive us our sins and desire to have a relationship with us! (Yes I am repeating myself but it is one of His greatest enoughs!) I don’t know about you but God’s enough is so huge it overwhelms me and brings me to tears!!!

I have so loved studying Genesis 1-3 with you! I am not sure where God will take us next but I would love to have you join us. If you have any ideas of what you would like to study, please let me know! Until next time I am praying God will draw you to His Word and tell you amazing things about who He is and that you will grow in knowing Him in leaps and bounds! Blessings sweet ones!