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I am so excited to study the book of Ezra. I hope you are taking the time to read through it too. I have loved taking some notes on my first time through and here are a few of the things that I have learned about who God is in this small book right after II Chronicles in the Old Testament.

Chapter 1:

  • His Word is fulfilled!
  • He moves the hearts of people – even those who don’t know Him.

Chapter 2:

  • He is a personal God!
  • He is the God of those who don’t belong.
  • He is a God of details.

Chapter 3:

  • He isn’t in a hurry.

Chapter 4:

  • He isn’t afraid of opposition! He expects it!
  • He is our protector from the opposition.
  • He doesn’t remove the opposition, though He could.

Chapter 5:

  • Though it may appear He isn’t there He is and He will address the opposition.
  • He is bigger than the opposition.
  • He is watching over His people.
  • His will can’t be stopped!

Chapter 6:

  • Even when there is opposition, God is in it all.
  • He is a loving God who gives in abundance!
  • He is an amazing God whose will, will be done and He uses politicians, kings, prophets, priests as well as many of His people to bring it about, in spite of opposition and in His perfect timing.
  • He is a God of love and chooses all regardless of background and family of origin.

Chapter 7:

  • He places His gracious and powerful hand on people.
  • When He places His hand on people they do courageous and mighty things!

I am not even through this awesome book of Ezra but I couldn’t wait to share what I have learned about who God is so far from it. I will be continuing to read through chapters 8-10 and can’t wait to learn more about my dear and precious God. How about you? Are you reading it too? Are you asking God to reveal more about who He is to you? I surely do hope so! What I would love to see for this blog is that others who stop in and read would join me in this study. I have learned over the many years of doing Bible study that I learn so much from others who are studying with me. Since the Bible is the living Word of God He speaks to each one as they read it. We are in different places in our journeys and so when He speaks it is unique to us. When we share together what He has given us it expands our knowledge of Who He is and that my friends is what this blog is all about. Growing in Knowing God!!!

Love and blessings! May our God place His hand firmly on each of us that we might live out His plan for our lives daily! Let’s continue to study!


Happy Mother’s Day!

What a blessing it is to be a Mom! It has given me my greatest joys and my greatest heart breaks at times. For sure, it has driven me to my knees and helped shape me into who God wants me to be.

I have been going through the book of Ezra. This is where we will be going next. I hope you will join me in beginning to read through it with the focus being what it tells us about who God is. There will be places in it that He seems to be missing. Don’t let that fool you! Just take another look and dig deeper. I can’t wait to get started and hope you will join me. I really want to learn from what God gives you as you go through it so please leave your comments and come ready to “Grow In Knowing God.” Much love!