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Genesis 3:4

This chapter of Genesis is not as much fun for me to study as Genesis 1 & 2 were. I loved seeing how my all powerful God spoke and put this world in place.  I love nature so reading about His creation of land, sea, trees, and animals was so enjoyable! This chapter though is not only so very sad but I probably see too much of myself in Eve if the truth be known.  I don’t like seeing her cave so easily into saten’s temptation.  I would like to see more of a struggle than he got from her.  I see my loving God who had created her with the touch of His hand and his very own life giving breath and imagine how sad this made Him.  You might say my all knowing God would have already known they would choose to sin, or maybe that He is God and knows the end of the story.  I feel that even though He knows the end of the story my loving God may have cried tears, as my Lord Jesus showed He did, over their choice.  This makes me so sad as I have to look at what my sin and choices of worldly pleasures over eternal treasures does to my loving God.  It brings me to tears this morning. My dear God I am so very sorry for any pain and tears my life gives you.  I so desire to live my life in a way that would only give you great joy.

On to verse 4 and the lie of saten that he continues to use to this day:

“You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

There it is, clearly stated from the liar’s mouth. Up until that moment of Eve’s choice to disobey God they had only known good.  God’s wonderful, precious, loving good.  What is Saten offering her?  Now she can have evil!  Oh yeah!  What a deal!!! He says Eve you don’t see clearly.  God isn’t giving you everything.  If you eat of this fruit your eyes will be opened!  He says that she is missing out being just Eve when she can be like her almighty God.  He also casts doubt on God and His character by saying He had lied to her and she would not surely die.  So let’s see, his temptation was God is a liar, you don’t see things clearly and you know good but evil will add a new dimension to your life.

We may think we wouldn’t have bought into his lies but I am pretty sure I would have.  How many times have I been in fear over the salvation of someone I love or the life choices they are making instead of trusting that God is working in their lives and He is able.  How often have I felt less than and thought, “If I just had this or that I would be complete.”  How often have I heard the whisper of the lie that this small amount of evil isn’t going to hurt me. I need to be well rounded right?  How many times have I had to be in agony as saten taunts and shames me with those sins and choices I so wish I could take back and do over.  Only through God’s love and grace can I say at those times, “I am a new creation in Christ and that person is dead.” That is the free gift of God and His precious love that allows me to have new beginnings with Him all the time.

I have had enough today.  This is tough!  But we can’t study and grow in knowing God without understanding clearly who the enemy is.  Love to each of you!  I value your input and your thoughts are welcome.