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Psalm 5

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are Moms. I am blessed to be Mom to my firstborn, Heidi, and my baby boy, Rob. Both are in their 40’s and I love them so. It seems only yesterday they were small and now they are parents and Heidi is a grandmother. I am so blessed to be called mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My family is a precious gift of God to me. They bless my life daily and are by far my greatest joy!

Today we will look at Psalm 5. This is another Psalm written by David. If you are just joining us, we are looking at God’s Word in the Psalms to help us grow in knowing Him. There are so many things in His Word that give us the many blessings to us but for this study we only want to focus on who He is. I would love to have you study this Psalm and share with us what you see about Him. By sharing we all gain more knowledge and see more clearly who our God is.

Psalm 5

Verse 3 tells us that the Lord hears our voice. I love that not only may we lift our prayers to Him and know that He hears but it goes on to say, “I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” He hears our requests and we can expect Him to answer. Though He doesn’t always answer the way we think best we can expect Him to answer with the very best for the situation.

Verses 4 – 6 makes it very clear that He cannot be compromised. Some of the things it tells us about Him are:

  • He does not take pleasure in evil.
  • The wicked cannot dwell with Him.
  • The arrogant cannot stand in His presence.
  • He hates all who do wrong.
  • He destroys those who tell lies.
  • He abhors bloodthirsty and deceitful men.

Verse 10 makes it clear our God judges right and wrong. Verses 11-12 completes this Psalm with wonderful characteristics of our God in relationship with the righteous and those who take refuge in Him. Some of these follow:

  • We can take refuge in Him and be blessed with gladness and everlasting joy!
  • He brings us joy in Him as He spreads His protection over us.
  • He blesses the righteous and surrounds them with His favor as with a shield.

As always, I will remind that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. None of us are perfect and the section on His hating those who do wrong is not talking about those who believe in Jesus as their savior and still do wrong on occasion. This is talking about those who live their lives doing wrong. In the same respect none of us lead a totally righteous life on our own. Those who accept the free gift of grace and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus on the cross for us are seen as righteous through Him.

Take a look at Psalm 5 and see what God gives you about who He is. Share that with the rest of us. The goal of this study will always be to grow in knowing God. I am so grateful you are taking this journey through some of the Psalms with us. Be blessed until we meet again!