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Psalm 4

Happy Sunday! Today in his sermon Pastor Randy Mitrovich talked about living our lives out of our suitcase and not trying to live out of other people’s suitcases. He told a story of a man taking a trip and grabbing his suitcase off of the luggage carousel and finding later at his hotel that it wasn’t his but someone else’s. Not only that but it was a woman’s with stiletto heels and all. He used that story to say we wouldn’t want to live out of that other person’s suitcase so why do we want to live their lives? He talked about the fact that when we pack for a trip we put in all the things we will need on that trip. Then He said that God did that when He created us. He used one of my favorite life verses, Psalm 139. We won’t take a look at it yet but it will definitely be one we do later. It talks of God creating us in our mother’s wombs and knowing every day of our lives before we are even born. Pastor Randy said He had “packed” us for the journey that each of us would be taking. Since He created us one-of-a-kind the packing would be unique to us. The things He packed for us are the unique gifts and talents He has given us. The bottom line of His sermon is that we need to know what our gifts are and then use them in our service to God. Do you know how He has packed you? There are many spiritual gift tests and personality tests you will be able to find to help you discover them if you don’t. Take the time to do the work my sweet friends. Don’t look around and try to live out of other people’s suitcases. Find how He has designed you and then jump in and work in your giftedness. OK! I just had to take that little side trip in our journey through the Psalms. Today we will look at Psalm 4 in our pursuit to grow in knowing God.

Psalm 4

David’s request at the beginning of this Psalm is that God would answer him when He called. He is asking for relief from distress, for mercy and that God would hear his prayer. He talks about those who love delusions and seek false gods. In verse 3 we see our God as setting apart the godly for Himself. I don’t know about you but I love that He has set me apart. To me that means I am special. He has separated me from those who turn His glory that He created them for to shame. Yes, my dear friends I am one of the godly ones. Oh, not for anything I do or have done or ever will do. I am only seen by Him as godly through the blood of His precious Son, Jesus Christ, and His death on the cross for me. But I am glad we have a God who “sets apart” those who are His.

David, almost in the same breath, says the Lord hears him when he calls. Not only does He set us apart but when we belong to Him He is always available, always present, always hears us when we pray. David gives us some great tips on what our part is but we are looking at who God is so we will skip to verses 6-8 to see some more about our God. Here are some of what it tells us about Him. He shines His face upon us, He fills our hearts with greater joy, He gives us peace because He keeps us safe.

We are so blessed my friends! We have a God who loves us so! Read through Psalm 4 and let us know what you see about who God is. I would love to learn from you! Just as God created us unique and one-of-a-kind, He also speaks to our hearts one-on-one as we study His Word. When we share what He gives us, it expands our knowledge of who He is. We learn from Him and in sharing that with each other we get to learn more.

Have a blessed week! Stay in God’s Word each day! Love Him, love yourself and your uniqueness and love others as you walk this journey you are on. I am praying God will allow you to feel His face shine on you every moment until we meet again. Much love to you and yours!