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Growing in knowing God – Psalm 11

Good morning! I woke up to a chill in the air and loving my cozy pink bathrobe and fuzzy fleece throw. These fall days are some of my favorites and enjoyed doing Bible study yesterday in the morning in my comfy warm chair inside and being able to put on shorts and tee-shirt and work in the yard in the sun in the afternoon. Thank you Lord for the blessing of the various seasons we have and the beauty all around us each and every day.

Today I open my Bible to the Psalms again. I love the Psalms and the clear picture we see in them of who our God is. When I started our little journey in the Psalms I intended to just skip around but each and every one of them so far has blessed me so that I continue to just take each as it comes. I love that scripture can be gobbled or slowly chewed…whichever we need at the time. It always restores, renews, corrects and draws us closer to our awesome God. So, what do I see today about who God is in Psalm 11?

  • Verse 1 – He is a God I can take refuge in
  • Verse 4 – He is in His Holy Temple and on His Heavenly Throne! He hasn’t gone on vacation or taken the day off! Thank you Lord! He observes what is going on and not with just a glance but He examines it. The original for this word is He will try the sons of men. This is all about His justice.
  • Verse 5 & 6 – He examines the righteous but the wicked and those who love violence He hates. This goes on to say He will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur and scorching wind on the wicked.
  • Verse 7 – Why? For the Lord is righteous. He loves justice. The blessing for us? Upright men will see HIs face.

The Young’s Literal Translation makes this a little more clear in that it really is about the fact that we can seek refuge in our God because He isn’t missing anything in our lives. He sees the unjust things that happen to us and He will take care of it. Thanks be to Jesus my Lord that died on that cross for me which allows God to see me as righteous in Him. I can with confidence count myself as one of the righteous that He shows His face to, not of my own doing but as a free gift of grace to me. Does that get me off the hook in this Psalm? No! For sure it makes it clear to me that God loves justice and hates (strong word but what is said) the wicked and those who love violence. I want to examine my heart before God to make sure I am living a life that is just.  Am I loving people the way He wants and do I treat others with justice? Not a condemning justice but being fair to all in my sphere of influence. Think about it. It can go deep. This study is focusing on who God is but we need to always be careful to examine ourselves with the truth it gives.

Have a blessed day and enjoy all that God has provided you! What do you see in Psalm 11 about who God is? I would love to hear about it. Love to you and yours! See you again soon, as we read God’s Word to grow in knowing Him!