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Psalm 8:1

Good morning my precious friends! Today we will begin to look at Psalm 8. I say begin because there is way too much about who God is in this Psalm to do it justice in one sitting. So we will break it down and do it a little at a time. One thing I know we need to do is not rush through reading God’s Word. It isn’t something to speed through as our fast food, fast paced world around us has us prone to do at times. God’s Word is full of treasures to richly bless our life and should be savored, meditated on and taken deeply into our hearts, minds and souls. In that pursuit lets take a look at verse one today.

Verse one starts with praise for the majesty of God’s name. Some of the versions use excellent and glorious in the place of majesty. I think at times it helps to look up the meaning of a word in the dictionary. It sometimes can expand the meaning in new ways. Here is what the Webster Dictionary has as the meaning of the word majesty:

1. regal, lofty, or stately dignity; imposing character; grandeur: majesty of bearing
2. supreme greatness or authority; sovereignty

This is who our God is. Just His name has majesty! Today I want to spend some time just meditating on His majesty. I want this description to fill my mind with Who my God is! I want to soak in that He is regal, lofty and is dignified! My God’s character is imposing! He is grand and His bearing is majestic. He is supreme in greatness, supreme in authority. He is sovereign. It is more than I can take in. I know my finite mind only begins to see God’s majesty.

Take some time today to focus on growing in knowing God’s majesty. Look around you at His creation and see and feel Him there. Later in this Psalm David does that. Make this your focus today.

I am so glad we are on this journey together! I would love to hear how God shows you His majesty. We grow in knowing God when we share our individual encounters with God through His Word and our lives. Love to you and yours. I have asked God to bestow a special blessing on you today. Watch for it!!!