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Psalm 8 Continued

We will return to Psalm 8 today to search out who our God is. Though just 9 verses long, Psalm 8 has lots to tell us about our God. Don’t you stand in awe of Him? We looked at verse 1 and His Majesty the last time we were together. I am still thinking about that. We see His Majesty all around us and today we will see some of these things in detail.

Verse 2 – What this verse says to me is God can use even our most fragile beings in His creation to praise Him. Have you ever seen the Majesty of God in a small child or infant? I see it in each one I see. What a praise to Him that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I love that the God who spoke and put this world in place chooses tiny babies to bring Him praise.

Verses 3-8 – David looks at God’s creation of the heavens, the moon and the stars and considers the fact that God set them in place. He is humbled and asks a question I myself have asked my God. How can you the God who spoke and put the world in place be mindful and care about me? David tells of the blessings God gave to man with His prospering him and giving him responsibility for the animals, birds and fish that He had personally created. I am blessed and so very grateful that God loves me, this tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. I will never get over it! Will you?

Verse 9 – David ends this Psalm praising God again for the Majesty in even His name. “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.” Yes, Lord, yes!!!

What did you see about our God in this Psalm? Please spend time going over it and share what He reveals to you.

I will be traveling off and on the rest of the month of June and most of the time won’t have computer access so I will miss you! Don’t stop reading God’s Word each and every day. Read it with the intention of seeing what it says about God. Grow, my dear ones, in knowing Him. Much love! Talk to you in about a month!