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Genesis 2:16

Today as I look at this scripture I see God giving a command to man.  In Genesis 1:28 He tells man to be fruitful and increase in number and to fill the earth, subdue it and rule over the living creatures.  This is different. The Revelle Bible Dictionary on its section on commandments mentions on page 236, “Some view God’s laws, edicts, and statutes in a cold, legalistic way or as a method of earning merit.  But the Scriptures set forth the commandment as a guideline intended for our own benefit as well as the honor of God.”  The Hebrew word used here is tsavah.  It is used in various places as, to lay charge, give charge, give orders, instructed and ordained.

So what does Genesis 2:16 tell us about our God?  It tells us that God gave this command to man, a rule for life living, an order from a loving God for man’s own good.  He said “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”  Oh dear God!  Thank you that you love us enough to give us life rules to live by.  These are not just for us to be controlled by but for our own good.  This one I believe shows your heart for yourself too.  You created us to be in relationship with you for eternity.  Disobedience to this command in chapter 3 shows that death and a break in relationship due to sin did happen.  You wanted man to have what now you give through the death of Jesus on the cross for us, eternal life in relationship with you.  It was for man that you gave this command and I believe for yourself as well.  You my dear God created us for that relationship with you.  How very awesome is that!!! What a mighty, loving God you are.  Thank you that you desire a relationship with the men you have created.  Thank you that you entrust us with your beautiful creation. Thank you that you have work for us to do.  Thank you that we have a purpose chosen by you!  I so love you!