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Independence Day 2015 – Be Free!!!

Happy Independence Day week my sweet friends! What are your plans? Will it include a barbecue and fireworks? Will it be around cool water? Oh My is it hot here! It is 104 today and cool water sounds wonderful! Cooking over a hot barbecue not so much right now!

I think this is a good opportunity to thank our awesome God for the freedom we have enjoyed here in the United States of America for all of our lives. It is a blessing I so often take for granted. One that, as I watch the news and listen to wise men and women, could be slipping away and may be gone if not in my lifetime but possibly that of my children, grands and greats. I’m not a gloom and doom person and I trust my God and am often filled with hope and gratitude at the blessings He has so richly provided me and those I love. But, recent decisions that have given others freedom may have begun to erode my security in my religious freedom. One thing I know, our country was at one time one nation, under God and now little by little He is being removed and His presence not wanted. My fear is one day He will give people what they want and then all hell will literally break loose.

I’ve been studying the book of Acts this week. If you want to grow in knowing God read this mighty book that tells of how He gave His Holy Spirit to His believers and the persecution and scattering they faced only grew them bigger and allowed them to share who He was wherever they went.

On this Independence Day I am asking Him to call His mighty Holy Spirit to light fires of His power in each of His followers in this great nation. May that power enable us to endure what He allows in the coming years and may we live freely in His awesome grace He gives through the precious blood of His son, Jesus Christ. May we fulfill the call He places on our hearts to share who He is with everyone we come in contact with.

You are free to tell people the full message of this new life, even as Stephen did by his death, as Paul did by his difficult missionary journeys and imprisonment, and as Agabus did through the two prophecies I gave him then recorded (Acts 11:27-29; 21:10-11). You are now free to really live!               From 66 Love Letters on Acts, Dr. Larry Crabb