Study God's Word to know Him better

When I wrote my last post on April 17th little did I know that just two days later I would be on a plane to spend Easter Sunday with my Dad in the CICU room and that on the following day, April 21, 2014, I would be saying goodbye to him as he left his earthly home to be in the arms of Jesus. I know I will see him again but the pain and grief I felt and still feel at times has only been eased by knowing he no longer has Alzheimer’s, or is suffering in his almost 90-year-old body.

This past year has been a year marked with suffering and pain both physical and emotional. May of 2013 I had several months when I dealt with a painful physical condition. In June, still not feeling well I spent the month helping my Mom and Dad move from their 15 acre, 3 bedroom home in the country to a retirement community to a small 2 bedroom duplex. I think I have shared most of this in previous posts but as this year unfolded one after another sad or difficult time came. Less than 3 weeks after Mom and Dad moved my Mom was hospitalized and on August 6 she was dancing with Jesus. We never anticipated that she, our one who always remembered all of the family history on her side and my Dad’s would be the first to go. She was a step-mom of 34 years after losing my mother while in my 30’s but I loved her dearly and she was not just Mom but friend. I was back to see Dad for a visit in January and then he had a fall and things went downhill from there. I miss them both so much! My brother said as he did at my mother’s service, “Let’s not focus on what we have lost but what she has gained.” That has resonated in my heart and mind through the loss of both of these so dear to me.

I thought things would begin to settle into a sort of normal after I got home but there were a couple of incidents since then that said that wasn’t to be. I live 1,500 miles from my Dad’s and couldn’t take very much from his home but had packed up a small box of things I wanted of his and Mom’s. I mailed it to my home and the day I got a notice that it was at the post office for pick up I eagerly went to pick it up. I was floored that the box had been destroyed in shipping and half of the contents were gone. I had it sent regular mail and didn’t insure it as nothing was of physical value, but all were of sentimental value. There wouldn’t even be any way of trying to retrieve the missing items. I cried for a couple of days. It seemed such a great loss to me! My Dad’s Bible, some of the costume jewelry I had seen Mom wear, an album I had made my Dad on his life with pictures of places he had lived and events throughout his life. God finally let me see that He was God and could either bring the items back to me or I didn’t need to have them.

To top off the year and the most recent trial…in some of my travels I brought home bed bugs. I know you just scratched!!! What a yucky, horrible thing to deal with. Praise the Lord He allowed me to see them early and they were confined to only our box springs. We had just had a repair on our car for $500. and the extermination fee was $2,286. plus an extra $20. a month on our exterminator’s monthly billing to monitor this. But, our God is an awesome God! In preparation for the extermination we had to prepare the whole house. God gave me an opportunity to de-clutter our home of over 40 years. We also had no bites. That is because my God loves me so.

This has been a lengthy post I know and if you have read it to this point then you will see why I have listed all of these things from this past year. Yes, it was hard. Yes it was painful. Yes it was overwhelming. BUT, I have no doubt at all that I am who God says I am. He allowed these things to touch my life and it has been His will that I walk through them. The reality is He has carried me through most of them. He has loved and comforted me as I grieved. He has healed my physical ailments. He has been the lifter of my head and gave me hope in each new day. No, I don’t want to have another year like this one but I really would not have wanted to miss the sweet times I have had with the Lord as I leaned in and clung to and taken refuge in Him.

I don’t know when I will be back to posting but I hope it is soon and will continue to believe I am who He says I am, precious child, adopted daughter, fully known and fully loved, apple of His eye, clean, holy, redeemed and made new through the blood of Christ, gifted for service, freed from all bondage. Now I want to turn the focus of this blog back to its original purpose, growing in knowing God. I choose to take my eyes off of me and place them on Him. I pray you will join me as we open His Word to find the treasures He has for us there. Love to you my sweet friend! May God give you clear vision as to who He is and who you are in Him.


Who God Says I Am

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a Bible Study where the focus was on what the scriptures say about who God is. I wanted to grow in knowing who He is, what He likes and doesn’t and to not always read picking out the things that made me feel good or benefits I have in my relationship with Him.

I have decided to deviate for a bit after the journey I have been on this past few months in Beth Moore’s study, Breaking Free. I have done her study, Believing God, twice and it impacted my life in mighty ways. I realized that I had major trust issues and it would come down to whether I would believe God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do or not. After the Breaking Free study God made me aware I need to believe Him for who He says I am. That was the third focus of the Believing God study. So here I am today embarking on another journey of sorts to search out the scripture to see what He says. In learning who He says I am I know I will grow in knowing Him too.

After Googling who God says I am (don’t you love Google!) I pulled three lists of scriptures from Joyce Meyer, Open Bible and I will be taking scriptures at random from these lists and some from Beth’s Breaking Free and even some I find on my own in an effort not to just know who He says I am but to start believing Him and living like that person. I hope you will come along too! Let’s get started

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.”  Isaiah 61: 3b

Dear Lord, thank you for this picture of who you say I am. I think of a towering oak with roots growing deep that can withstand the storms and heat and cold that come its way. You say I am planted by you to be a display or your splendor. Lord you know I often don’t feel like that Oak let alone a display of your splendor? Today I choose to believe I am who you say I am. Today I desire to allow the storms of my life to send my roots deeper into you and your truth instead of the enemies lies. Today Lord display your splendor through me to all I come in contact with. It is my heart’s desire to be who you say I am. May your truth sink deep into my heart and mind as I trust in your truth.

Ask yourself the question, “Who am I?’ Does it align with who God says you are? If not join me on this journey and share with me the scriptures you find that will help us live our lives as a display of His splendor! I am praying for us both to have the freedom He wants us to have. Blessings my dear friends! Have a great day!


Do you remember reading or hearing this story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Sunday School or in a Bible story book? It is one of heroes of the faith and standing firm to the end even in the face of death. The focus of the story could easily be the three brave Jewish boys who refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s gold image regardless of his threat to throw them in the blazing furnace. Today I want us to focus instead on our God and what we learn about Him in this chapter of Daniel. Believe me I am not making light of their bravery and committment to God and love when they tell the King the God they served was able to save them from it and that even if He didn’t they still wouldn’t worship his statue. I don’t know if my faith is that strong and I hope I never have to find out.

When you read verse 25 who do you think the fourth man who looked like a son of the gods was? I am not sure. I don’t know if it was God Himself or one of His mighty warrior angels that He sent to protect them. I do know that God showed up in that furnace that day. Sometimes in God’s Word we see God though it isn’t written that He is there. In verse 28 Nebuchadnezzar refers to the person as an angel that God had sent to rescue them.

What are you facing in your life that is causing you to have to decide whether you will bow to it or trust God to save you? Do you need to go one step further and say, if He doesn’t I still won’t bow to that. That goes deeper and requires a believing He can, praying His answer is what we want but trusting His Almighty will in it. That is allowing to be thrown into the fire and it is really alright. I am so very glad I have a God who shows us in this chapter of Daniel that He can do anything. Even a raging fire in our life is not too big for Him. He can and does save us to His will and in His perfect timing and way.

What do you see in Daniel 3 about who God is? Do you know Him better after reading it. That is really what being in the Word is all about. I am praying for you and asking God to help you to grow in knowing Him. Enjoy spending time with Him and allow Him to be in that furnace with you. He is able to save you!!!!

Daniel 2

Today I read a bit further in Daniel and found some wonderful places it gives such a clear picture of who our God is. This is a story of intrigue, suspense and supernatural empowering as our God works in the life of Daniel. Read through this chapter watching for things that can help you grow in knowing God. Some that I found were:

  • When Nebuchadnezzar plans to put Daniel and buddies to death along with the other wise men and magicians, Daniel asks his friends to plead for mercy from the God of heaven over the outlandish request of the king to solve an unsolvable mystery. That night God reveals the mystery to Daniel in a vision.
  • In Daniel’s praise of God for answering his prayers he gives many of our God’s attributes. He is God forever and ever, eternal. He is wise and powerful. He changes times and seasons. He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things. He knows what lies in darkness and light dwells in Him. He gave wisdom and power to Daniel. He answered his prayer and made known the dream of the king.

In verse 28 Daniel gives God the glory for knowing the dream. In verse 45 Daniel tells the king that God has shown the king what will take place in the future. What was the result? This Babylonian king recognized who our God was. “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery.”

We have an amazing God! He works in us. He works in others. He reveals mysteries and answers our prayers. He knows the future and is above all others. He knows all and holds everything in His hand. He bends His ear when we pray and answers. I love my God! How about you? What did you see in this second chapter of Daniel. Be sure to read it and ask God to tell you what you need from it. Are you needing the all-powerful God to give you some power today? Are you living with a mystery that seems to be unsolvable? Do you need to give God the credit for something He has done through you? Take the time to get in God’s Word and spend that time searching for who He is. Grow in knowing Him each and every day. May you be blessed in this quest!

Daniel 1

I don’t know about you but I love new beginnings…Spring, Fall, a new year. I ended 2013 so blessed to have read through the entire Bible for the very first time. It took many hours and discipline not to camp on the amazing things God gave me in each book. I did give myself permission to highlight, underline, asterisk and make a very few notes. What an amazing time I had with the Lord as I read each day. When I came to Revelation I was sad to see my journey end. Though I can continue to take a more leisurely time each day on much smaller portions, I miss the intensity of reading an entire book or several if small. I finished on December 30. Our Pastor started a new series at the beginning of the year. He is covering all 66 books doing an overview of each of them. I had forgotten he was planning this but God hadn’t when He laid it on my heart to take this fun journey through His Word with Him.

So how has your new year started? I took two weeks in January to see my Dad who is still grieving the loss of my Mom in August. His 90th birthday is in June and we plan to celebrate it with a big party. I’m glad I didn’t wait till then to go see him. His Alzheimer’s has caused more deterioration and it breaks my heart. I praise God in His answer to prayer for mercy for my Dad! He is pretty happy for the most part. He doesn’t realize the decline. He doesn’t remember that he doesn’t remember. I am so grateful for that! I am also recovering from a bout of the flu this week that after 7 days still has me not at 100%. So what about you? What is happening in your world? How have you and God started this new year?

Today in our quest to look at God’s Word to grow in knowing Him, we will look at Daniel chapter one. Though this may be a familiar story we are searching for things about who God is, What He does, What He likes or doesn’t, etc. After Daniel and some of the other young men from the Israelite nobility and royal family were brought into service for Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, Daniel in verse 8 resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine the king was providing for them. What I loved in verse 9 was how God caused the official to show favor and compassion to Daniel. This gives me such a great picture of how God intervenes in our lives. He doesn’t just act through His people, He works for His people through others. He is able to cause people in the world to have compassion and treat us differently when we desire to live a Godly life.

The next time I see God mentioned is in verse 17. God gave Daniel and the other 3 knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. We have a God who wants to give us all we need. We learn in verse 19 that the king found none of the young men equal to the four of them. They were put in high positions as the king relied on them above all others in the kingdom.

I am so grateful that my God is a God who is active in my life. He is interacting in the lives of people I come in contact with and those who have authority over me. He will give me the knowledge to do what He is calling me to do. I can count on Him and can ask Him to give me His mind to know, remember and retain all He wants to be successful. How about you! when you read the first chapter of Daniel, what do you learn about who God is? I would love for you to share with us! Have a good day and watch for all that God is doing in and through others as we grow in knowing God!

End of the year challenge

I have embarked on an exciting journey. A little over a week ago I was thinking of all of the times that I had begun some kind of program for reading through God’s Word in a year. I have started them at the beginning of the year and when something came up and I got behind I would just give up. I know, I am not really proud of my tendency to procrastinate and so easily get off track. The day I was thinking of it I had just finished reading the last book of the year for my book club. When I thought about the fact that there are 66 books of the Bible, I realized that if I read one book a day, doubling up when a book was small, I might be able to finish reading all the way through by the end of the year. I had 49 days to do it.

This is different then my usual reading and studying His Word. I love analytical Bible study. I can camp on one verse or a chapter for quite some time. I like to see what the original greek or Hebrew meant for the key words and will look up the meanings of the words in a dictionary or subjects in other reference books. This time I am forcing myself to just keep reading. I am underlining some things that jump out at me and placing an asterisk beside them. It will be great to go back through and spend a bit more time on them later. I am not doing what I have been doing in this Bible study blog. The focus is only getting the overview and not seeing what it says about who God is but I can tell you I have seen my God in huge ways as I have been reading through it.

How about you? I would like to challenge you to commit to reading one book a day to read through it in 66 days or less if you double up when a book is small. Start in Genesis and read one right after the other. Though that might not be in chronological order, it is the way God has allowed it to be put together. What will you have to give up to do this? Maybe a TV program or two or reading that latest best seller. I promise you that you will be blessed beyond belief if you accept my challenge. Let me know if you do. I will be praying for you and I ask you to pray for me to finish this journey by the end of the year.

Blessings to you and yours for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning! I woke up to a chill in the air and loving my cozy pink bathrobe and fuzzy fleece throw. These fall days are some of my favorites and enjoyed doing Bible study yesterday in the morning in my comfy warm chair inside and being able to put on shorts and tee-shirt and work in the yard in the sun in the afternoon. Thank you Lord for the blessing of the various seasons we have and the beauty all around us each and every day.

Today I open my Bible to the Psalms again. I love the Psalms and the clear picture we see in them of who our God is. When I started our little journey in the Psalms I intended to just skip around but each and every one of them so far has blessed me so that I continue to just take each as it comes. I love that scripture can be gobbled or slowly chewed…whichever we need at the time. It always restores, renews, corrects and draws us closer to our awesome God. So, what do I see today about who God is in Psalm 11?

  • Verse 1 – He is a God I can take refuge in
  • Verse 4 – He is in His Holy Temple and on His Heavenly Throne! He hasn’t gone on vacation or taken the day off! Thank you Lord! He observes what is going on and not with just a glance but He examines it. The original for this word is He will try the sons of men. This is all about His justice.
  • Verse 5 & 6 – He examines the righteous but the wicked and those who love violence He hates. This goes on to say He will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur and scorching wind on the wicked.
  • Verse 7 – Why? For the Lord is righteous. He loves justice. The blessing for us? Upright men will see HIs face.

The Young’s Literal Translation makes this a little more clear in that it really is about the fact that we can seek refuge in our God because He isn’t missing anything in our lives. He sees the unjust things that happen to us and He will take care of it. Thanks be to Jesus my Lord that died on that cross for me which allows God to see me as righteous in Him. I can with confidence count myself as one of the righteous that He shows His face to, not of my own doing but as a free gift of grace to me. Does that get me off the hook in this Psalm? No! For sure it makes it clear to me that God loves justice and hates (strong word but what is said) the wicked and those who love violence. I want to examine my heart before God to make sure I am living a life that is just.  Am I loving people the way He wants and do I treat others with justice? Not a condemning justice but being fair to all in my sphere of influence. Think about it. It can go deep. This study is focusing on who God is but we need to always be careful to examine ourselves with the truth it gives.

Have a blessed day and enjoy all that God has provided you! What do you see in Psalm 11 about who God is? I would love to hear about it. Love to you and yours! See you again soon, as we read God’s Word to grow in knowing Him!