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End of the year challenge

I have embarked on an exciting journey. A little over a week ago I was thinking of all of the times that I had begun some kind of program for reading through God’s Word in a year. I have started them at the beginning of the year and when something came up and I got behind I would just give up. I know, I am not really proud of my tendency to procrastinate and so easily get off track. The day I was thinking of it I had just finished reading the last book of the year for my book club. When I thought about the fact that there are 66 books of the Bible, I realized that if I read one book a day, doubling up when a book was small, I might be able to finish reading all the way through by the end of the year. I had 49 days to do it.

This is different then my usual reading and studying His Word. I love analytical Bible study. I can camp on one verse or a chapter for quite some time. I like to see what the original greek or Hebrew meant for the key words and will look up the meanings of the words in a dictionary or subjects in other reference books. This time I am forcing myself to just keep reading. I am underlining some things that jump out at me and placing an asterisk beside them. It will be great to go back through and spend a bit more time on them later. I am not doing what I have been doing in this Bible study blog. The focus is only getting the overview and not seeing what it says about who God is but I can tell you I have seen my God in huge ways as I have been reading through it.

How about you? I would like to challenge you to commit to reading one book a day to read through it in 66 days or less if you double up when a book is small. Start in Genesis and read one right after the other. Though that might not be in chronological order, it is the way God has allowed it to be put together. What will you have to give up to do this? Maybe a TV program or two or reading that latest best seller. I promise you that you will be blessed beyond belief if you accept my challenge. Let me know if you do. I will be praying for you and I ask you to pray for me to finish this journey by the end of the year.

Blessings to you and yours for a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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