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Thanksgiving 2011

What a wonderful time I had this Thanksgiving! We had time with family and friends who have become family through the years. Three celebrations with people God has given me to love. I am truly blessed. One of the celebrations was bittersweet. My sweet daughter-in-law, Chris, and her family have been staying around the clock with her dear grandfather as he prepares to leave his earthly home and enter his heavenly home. The grief and pain of it is so evident in all their faces and it is really hard to say goodbye. The Lord has provided many distractions in it all from family coming in the wrong doorways to grandma and grandpa’s final conversations. They are only momentary distractions and the pain of saying goodbye to a beloved grandfather makes me want to stop and just thank the Lord for the precious people He allows to become part of our lives.

Ezra can wait as I just want to say thank you Lord! Thank you for being a God of relationship who gives many different relationships to us to be able to see You more clearly. My precious husband, children and their loves, grandchildren, great grandchildren, parents, siblings and dear friends who are family in my life are my most precious gifts from You. I learn daily who You are by living side by side with them. The love I have for You grows deeper as I enjoy the relationships You have blessed me with. Thank you Lord for allowing me to know how very much you love me and for giving me so many precious ones to love.  Thank you for allowing me to appreciate the time I have left on earth as I pray for a dear one who will soon be leaving us. Thank you for being in every relationship and every moment of every day. I am so grateful and humbled beyond belief. You are an amazing God!  This Thanksgiving I praise You my beloved, almighty God!


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