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Ezra 3 More to see

When I read through Ezra 3:7-9, I almost can’t take it all in. There is so much said in so few words. Today I want to read between the lines a bit. I pray you understand that this is the Bible according to Carol and you need to sit at His feet and prayerfully read through it yourself to see what God has for you in it. When you do I hope you will share it with us. That is my favorite way to read the Bible. I love what God gives me about Him and about me when I sit with Him and read His Word but we are all unique and individual and though we share our Lord our relationship with Him is unique to each of us. Ok! That said….

Verse 7 tells of money given to the masons and carpenters and food and drink given to the people of Sidon and Tyre so that they would bring cedar logs by sea from Lebanon to Joppa as the king Cyrus had authorized. Then in verse 8 it says that in the second month of the second year after their arrival back in Jerusalem they set up the crews to begin building. They had taken 7 months from their arrival to the time they met and built the altar to the Lord. So basically it took another 7 months to get the building materials together and organize their work crews with the Levites 20 years and older supervising.  In my mind it seems they weren’t in a big hurry but when you think about it they had to bring the logs by sea from Lebanon to the seaport of Joppa and then bring them across the 40 miles to Jerusalem.

Were these people slow? What did their lives look like on a daily basis? In our fast paced world of trains, planes and automobiles it looks like they were moving at a snail’s pace. Do you think they were glad to be there? Did they doubt the choice to return was a good one? Or….were they doing everything right and waiting on God for each step. They were a rebellious people (just like me) and God had allowed them to be taken captive and driven from their homes to a foreign land to live as strangers. Was this a feeling they had come home or does verse 3 again tell us more. Maybe they were just living in so much fear that every step forward was difficult.

We don’t get to know all of the details but put yourself in their place and think about it. What does this tell us about who God is? For me it is that He is a patient and loving God. He gives us courage to face our fears and move forward. He is gracious when the movement is slow. He has a promised land for us that we may not get to live in all the time if we decide to go our own way instead of His. I am not talking about when we get to heaven but a promised land on earth. His love is so huge that He gives us second chances at our promised land and we need to be courageous and go for it when He does. Have a blessed day! Get in His Word. Sit at His feet and let Him speak to your heart wonderful things about Him and about His love for you!


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