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More from Ezra 2

As I looked through Ezra 2 again to see what else I could learn about God, what I saw was not just the individual people He had named but a variety of gifts and talents they possessed. There were people from all of the families, priests, Levites, singers, gatekeepers of the temple, temple servants, descendants of the servants of Solomon, and some unclean who couldn’t prove their family purity. At first glance it looks like a bit of this and that but I don’t think so. Just as God fits us all together in His family today with all of our differences and family backgrounds, He did that then. He has always used our differences for His glory, when we let Him, in our families, our church family, community or our world.

What does this tell me about my awesome God? He can take anyone and use them to His praise, honor and glory. He doesn’t just need the spiritual giants (priests) or those musically gifted (the singers.) He desires to have the ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him. He accepts and loves the outcasts and those considered unclean by the world around them. He wants to use them too. I love that I have a God that is so very good, so very loving, so very mighty and powerful that He even wants me! That brings tears to my eyes and humbles me beyond belief.

What about you? Do you know how very much He loves you? Do you know He is able to do anything in your life to glorify Him? Don’t think that for this reason or that you are unlovable or have no worth to Him. That is a lie of the enemy and he will continue to whisper that to you or shout it to you until you choose to believe that God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do and you are who He says you are! (From Beth Moore’s Believing God study.)

What did you learn from Ezra 2? I would love to hear about it! Continue to read God’s Word and grow in knowing Him! Love!


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