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A peek at Ezra 8

I am still doing the once through of the book of Ezra but sometimes I just get stuck and want to stay a bit and that is what Ezra 8 has done for me.  The beginning verses of Ezra 8 has another list of names. These are the people who went with Ezra to Jerusalem. It really spoke to my heart again that God is so very personal. He doesn’t just give numbers but names. Do I really care who these people from so very long ago were? Yes!! Because it says to me that if God cared enough to keep track of their names through all the ages He is keeping track of mine and those I love too!!! Besides, I may some day sit next to Shemaiah the descendant of Adonikam in eternity (chapter 8:13) if he knew God.

When I got to verse 22 I got stuck on the relationship that Ezra had with God. I felt in some ways that Ezra had tested God but God knew his heart. He is ashamed to ask the king for protection from enemies on their trip because he had told the king that the gracious hand of his God was on everyone who looked to Him but His great anger is against all who forsake Him. Wow! Would I be afraid to ask people to help because I had bragged so much that my God would take care of me? I wish that were true! Ezra turns to God for his protection because he had made claims about him that obviously he wasn’t too sure of. If he had been he wouldn’t have said he was ashamed to ask the king. I think Ezra struggled with trust like I do from time to time. May I boast of my God’s gracious hand to the point that I too will only turn to Him for all I need.

Have a blessed day! I would love to have you join me on this journey and hear what God speaks to your heart. I will be continuing on in my once (or several times) through this awesome book of Ezra and see what else I can learn about my awesome God. God Bless!


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