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Genesis 2:25

“The man and his wife were both naked and they felt no shame.”

Wow!  I think this one little sentence speaks volumes about our loving God.  Many times as I have read this verse I have thought only about their not being ashamed of their nakedness.  Let’s go deeper.  They felt no shame!!! I wonder what life was like, as God intended it to be when He created them.  I can’t imagine the freedom of living in no shame.  What a wonderful thing that would be. I know in my life there are many things I have done that make me feel ashamed.  When they come to mind they can consume me and only through God’s grace and forgiveness can I find peace.  Saten loves to beat me up about those things too.  Out of the blue one of his fiery darts of shame slam into my mind and heart with devastating force.  It’s as if it all just happened today.  Praise our God and His awesome love!  He has taken care of it.  Jesus took our shame and the sins that cause it upon Himself on the cross.  Thank you Jesus!  Because you died for me I am forgiven from past, present and all future sins.  That is amazing!  I, this shameful sinner, can live a life that my Loving God planned.  Because of Him I can be free of the bondage of shame.  Oh yes, Saten will continue to shoot the fiery darts at me but when they land I can reject the pain and shame and say thank you Jesus.  Thank you that I can live in your love, peace and freedom from shame.  Thank you for forgiving me.   I so love you!  I so, so Love you!


Comments on: "Genesis 2:25" (2)

  1. Gina Mickley said:

    Even more amazing is AFTER they ate from the tree of Knowledge, they discovered they were naked and were ashamed. What did He do? Why, He made them clothes…what an awesome God we serve!!

    • You are so right Gina! We do serve an amazing God. So glad you have joined us! We’ll start on Genesis 3. I would love to hear what you and Ronni see in the beginning of the chapter. What does it tell us about God?

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