Study God's Word to know Him better

I want to continue to think about God having created me to be my husband’s helper.  The part that has been bouncing around in my head is the Webster’s reference to the fact that helper often refers to a relatively unskilled worker who assists a skilled worker usually by manual labor.  I know that the Bible makes it very clear that God created men and women unique and very different.  It also makes it clear we have very different gifts and roles.  Equal, but different and unique.  When I look at the creation of woman here in Genesis and the purpose of God creating her I need to really pay attention.  Through my adult womanhood society has made major changes to our culture and climate regarding women.  When I married in 1965 my mother and most of my friend’s mothers were stay at home moms or had part-time jobs of some sort.  Then came women’s liberation and the lie began, “you can have it all.”  That was and still is just a lie of saten (I know…I refuse to even give him credit with spelling his name right.)  This lie plays into our selfish human nature that wants it all.  A woman can do a lot of things but she can’t be and do everything and do it well.  We are fantastic and can and do make a huge impact in our families, homes and world we live in.  We will never be able to do it all.

Dear Lord, today I am asking you to help me have joy in being Larry’s helper.  Let me take joy in the manual labor of my home and our relationship.  Let me view Him as having skills that I don’t have.  Let me see my role in our marriage as being one of helper.  As I study more in this awesome book of Genesis, may I never pass over something you want me to know and think about.  Thank you dear Lord, thank you!  I so love you!


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