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Genesis 2:18-20

Dear Lord, how very fitting that today a couple of days after my 45th wedding anniversary I open your Word to see what you have for me today and it is about your seeing that it was not good for Adam to be alone so you made a helper suitable for him.  Lord, one thing I am so very sure of is that it is your miracle that we have been married as long as we have.  I know that many times in the 45 year span of our marriage I have not been a helper suitable for him.  Not because that was not your intention but out of my selfishness and human nature.  Thank you that he is a patient man and did not chuck our marriage due to my unsuitability at various times.  Thank you that I did not either.  Lord, you have given us the gift of a long marriage and I want the next however many years you give us to be what you designed it to be.  I know part of that is up to him but I leave that part in your hands as I have no control over him and his choices but I do mine.  Lord, teach me as I read these verses how to be that suitable helper to my dear husband that you intended for me to be. Though I will never do it perfectly and being 100% suitable all the time is probably not possible this side of heaven, I want to know what you planned for me to be when you created Eve.  So Lord, show me, teach me, replace my desires with yours as I read this section.

Verses 19-20 tell us you brought all of the animals you had created from the dust of the earth, as you had Adam, to him to name.  This was a real privilege Lord!  You let Adam name them. It makes me smile to think of this.  The picture I see is one of sweet communion between you the creator and Adam the one you created in your own image walking through your beautiful hand planted garden together and naming all of the animals. I also laugh that you in your mighty wisdom didn’t wait to name the animals until you created Eve.  They might never have gotten named!  I also see that in verse 20b it says, “But for Adam no suitable helper was found.”  I think you made it clear to Adam that he was different from the animals you had created.  Since each animal is so very different in the way they look and act I could see where Adam might think he was just another one of them.  He could have thought he was a different species but just an animal too.  You must have created male and female animals but when he had named them all Adam saw clearly he was different.  He was alone.

Dear Lord, thank you for creating man in your image and then creating woman to be his helper.  I love being a woman!  I love that I wasn’t created to just be his wife for his pleasure but to be his helper.  When I looked up the original word ezer guess what?  It means helper!!!  This one is pretty clear!  I was created by God to be my husband’s helper.  So I decided to check out Webster’s Dictionary on line.  That expanded my thinking just a tad bit.  Here is what I learned from that little exercise:

  • Helper: One that helps; especially: a relatively unskilled worker who assists a skilled worker usually by manual labor.  Some of the Synonyms were aid, assistant, helpmate, helpmeet, mate and sidekick.

Wow!  I have so much to learn dear Lord!  I never looked at some of the manual labor I do in our relationship as doing it because I am helping Larry.  (Laundry, housework, etc.) Now I can really understand being unskilled in knowing just how to do this thing called being helper to my husband.  Dear Lord, thank you for bringing me this from your Word.  I am so blessed that you always have what I need to hear and prompt me to think about things I need to think about.  I really need to spend time on this Lord.  I do desire to be the wife you want me to be.  I so desire to be all you created me to be in every aspect of my life.  Thank you!  Love you Lord.

I would love to hear what Ronni or anyone else has to say about what God has in His Word for them in these same scriptures.  Love to all!


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  1. You crack me up Miss Carol!!
    My anniversary is tomorrow and I am laughing like an idiot. I’m glad God has a sense of humor in our struggle of it all. My take of these scriptures is that God, being all knowing, let Adam name the animals because men are pragmatic in how they go about things. He named the animals based on what he thought they looked like…If God let Eve name the animals herself, she would have gotten all cute with it all and we would have Fluffies instead of Elephants or Stripees instead of Zebras. And if the two of them were together when the naming was happening…well, there would have been alot of hurt feelings, crying, arm crossing followed by silence for a week.

    I don’t mind being the helper that God wants me to be, but I sure could use a vacation. Or a hired hand to help me around here.
    I’m not at all sure that the hub appreciates all the help I give him but I appreciate him working everyday to provide a roof over our heads and food to eat. It just cracks me up how different God made men and women and how He expects us to get along till death do us part…makes for interesting conversations and an interesting life!!

    Oh, by the way, I have named all our animals and the 50 chickens around here. Cluckles the chicken turned out to be a rooster last week and now his name is Mr Orpington!! Tex just rolls his eyes….

  2. I love that we are doing this together Ronni! Doesn’t God have such a sense of humor. Happy anniversary to you too! I hope the two of you got some time just for you guys. I love the way you write my precious friend. You need to be writing a book or some short stories. You paint pictures when you write just like you do when you use a paint brush. I can just see fluffies and stripies and Adam doing Tex’s eye rolls! Yup! Our God knew better than to give Adam his helper before they named the animals. Love you! Thank you for being with me on the journey. It makes it so much fun!

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