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Genesis 1:20 More!

On the fifth day you also created the birds to “fly above the earth in the expanse of the heavens.”  Lord, I can’t imagine our world without birds.  My mother and my stepmother after my mom died have both been bird lovers.  There have always been bird feeders in the yard at my parents’ home.  I love to sit at my mom and dad’s dining room table and watch the birds that come to feed there.  They live in Kansas and the beauty of the bluebirds, yellowbirds and red cardinals is breathtaking.  To see the brightly colored birds gathered there together is such a reflection of your glory in creation for me. 

There are so many scriptures in God’s Word about birds. Two I like about Eagles are:

Exodus 19:4

“You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles‘ wings, and brought you to Myself.”

Isaiah 40:31

“Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary.”

Dear Lord, thank you for being a God who created the beauty of the birds that fly in the expanse of the sky.  The way you created so many different species with rainbow colors reminds me of how you created us in the same way.  So many beautiful colors and features in our diversity.  We were all created for your pleasure and for your service.  You have gifted us uniquely and given each a purpose for our lives.  Thank you Lord!  Thank you Lord.

I love the way you created birds to be able to fly and their feathers to resist water that would weigh them down.  When I look at the markings on the birds they are so beautiful so perfectly placed.  What a blessing to see your handiwork in the creation of birds.  Lord, I could do a whole study just on what your creation of birds tells us about you but know that for this study my purpose is to see the bigger picture of who you are in scripture.  Thank you Lord!

I find it very interesting though Lord that in the 97 verses in the NIV that have the word birds and the 35 that have the word bird, most are about the birds eating or devouring the flesh of people.  It seems you use birds as a terrible end for someone.  I thought I would find lots of verses about their beauty but that wasn’t what I found.  I know there are some great verses on eagles so I want to look at this a bit more.

Today Lord I just want to focus on you and the glory of your creation when you made all of the birds.  When you spoke them into being they were, and still are, so beautiful. They are such a work of beauty, aerodynamics and weather resistance.  So many things I see about you and how knowing and loving and kind in your creation of birds.  Thank  you that as I sat at the cabin at Fallen Leaf Lake with the girls this weekend we were able to see the beauty of  Blue Jays, Sparrows, ducks and many others that I don’t know the name of.  Sue Jo scatters bird seed on the deck railings and we watch them come, along with the squirrels and chipmunks, to eat up the feast she has put out for them. It is such a joy to watch these beautiful creatures of yours.  Thank you for the big and small things you placed in creation as you spoke it into being.  Thank you for being a God who cares about the large and the tiny details in what you create.  Thank you for bearing us up on eagles wings.  Thank you we can mount up like eagles in you Lord!  I so love you!


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  1. I wrote a piece on the Biblical account of genesis, and in particular, the fifth day and its deeper implications for society at large, you may be interested.

    • Thank you so much! Your piece challenged me to dig deeper into that passage and I have posted that study. I was so sad to see those comments made by Christians that did not begin to speak God’s heart when it came to how we should treat His creation. All through scripture you see how much God loves trees, animals and people. I know He expects us to love it too. I hope we can study together again sometime. Thank you again for sharing your piece with me.

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