Study God's Word to know Him better

Genesis 1:20 a

Lord, on the fifth day of creation you chose to speak into being the living creatures in the waters of the earth.  You said, “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures.”  I think today of how so many of the teeming swarms of the seas and rivers are down to few.  We have over fished and taken more than our share for sport and not food so that teeming with swarms doesn’t seem an appropriate term in all cases.  Lord, what I see about you in this is the way you have always been abundant in your giving.  You knew in your great wisdom what we would do with your creation and you provided abundantly so that even in our misuse there are still many swarms of living creatures in the waters of our earth.

I today think of the beauty that awed me in the magnificent colors and shapes and sizes of fish that I saw last summer in San Francisco at the aquarium.  The beauty of the colors and the way the fish swam in unison or swarmed in unison was amazing. I think of the fish that were almost hidden from sight because you created them to blend with the rocks and sand and not be easily spotted.  I know that was for protection from their predators.

Thank you God for being my God who provides abundantly for me and all I love.  You never just meet needs but surprise me constantly with the extras as I walk with you.  Not just material extras, though you do that, but surprising interactions, moment by moment throughout the day.  Unexpected sweet moments when I know that what just happened was a God thing.  I love you so and appreciate the abundance you continually give to our relationship.  I so desire that my life would abundantly reflect you!

Thank you for being a God who created me to be hidden and protected from my enemy, the deceiver and liar who wants me to see what I am not and miss who I really am in you.  Thank you for redeeming my soul, loving me totally, giving me eternal life with you, and making me a new creation in Christ Jesus my savior.  I so love you!  I so, so love you!!


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