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Gen. 1:11-12

Lord as I look at this the third day of creation what I see about you is the way you created vegetation.  “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.”  You created the original with the ability to reproduce it’s self.  Isn’t that what you plan for us in a way?  Not in the reproduction of people because it is that way in a sense too.  But, you plant seeds of you in us that are meant to be shared so that our knowledge of you doesn’t stay fallow or buried but is shared with each other.  When we believe in Jesus as Savior you come and reside in us.  You become one with us and we become one with you.  Then as you plant your seeds in the garden of our hearts we grow in you and fruit is produced in our lives.  It is not about us.  It is not ours to keep as our own.  It is meant to be shared with others as we serve you and live our lives for you. 

 Just as in creating vegetation you say in your word that you did it “according to their various kinds.”  Dear Lord, isn’t that like the work you do in us also?  We are all designed by you unique and different.  No two of us are alike.  Psalm 139:13-16 tell us you knit each of us by hand and planned each of our lives before we were even born!  The seeds you plant in each heart are different.  The things you sow in each life are different.  Yet your purpose in each is that you are magnified in our lives and that is shared with the world.

Dear Lord today I just thank you for being a God who loved the beauty of vegetation in creation but you went a step further.  I love the green grass and trees and the fruit and flowers they produce!  You made it so that your creation was reproduced over and over to your praise honor and glory.  Thank you for being a God who plants seeds that bear fruit in lives too.  Not only does your creation reproduce itself but you my precious God reproduce yourself in us.  That is too awesome for me to even fully comprehend! That you would want to do that is so humbling to me.  I, this nothing speck of humanity, can reflect you the awesome one true God is amazing!  That you would want to plant seeds of love, grace and goodness in me so overwhelming.  But there I go…I wanted the focus of this study to be about you.  Though part of it is always the humbling fact of what you have given to me in your salvation, grace, forgiveness and love, I want to keep my eyes focused on you alone as much as possible.

Thank you for being a reproducing God.  Thank you for making reproduction of your glory part of who you are! Thank you for planting seeds of vegetation on the earth but for also being a God who reproduces yourself by allowing us to be one with you.  Thank you for the seeds you plant in each heart that can grow a beautiful garden bearing fruit in our lives that glorify you!


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  1. As someone who tried and tried this year to grow a veggie garden I see the verse in this way…

    Pretend I am God and the seed I plant is the person and the fruit is the desire to want to make the finest tasting “whatever” the seed is supposed to make.

    As the “Farmer” I make sure the soil is fertile, the seed is soaked or scored and is the right one for the conditions (weather, shade or sun and water needs). The “Farmer” tills, plants and waters His crop and waits patiently for the seeds to germinate. Now some won’t because they are dead seeds or a bug eats the tender shoots that spring forth from the soil, but the Farmer works with what is left and nurtures what is left.

    Each day He tends his fields, hovering over them to make sure the ones that take make it to harvest. Yet again a bug or something happens to some of the seedlings. The ones that bear fruit and reproduce are the strongest of the plants that were started from seed. They are the best tasting and are harvested and distributed thoughout the “neighborhood” to be enjoyed by others and maybe those folks like the fruit so much they save the seeds and plant those themselves.

    So some seeds just don’t make because they were robbed from the soil by birds (outside influences) or bugs (Satan) or they were dead (athiests). Now, the Farmer could put up barriers to protect the seedlings but then the seedling won’t grow strong and their seeds would be weak and probably not bear fruit so the Farmer lets the wind blow it around but not enough to break it, sometimes witholds water a little longer than the seedling would like but in the end it is the strongest seedlings that live on forever in the form of their “reproductions”.

    The Farmer plants different seeds to take care of different needs in the neighborhood.

    Some of those “plants” become Pastors, out of that fruit are authors, speakers and teachers, Some become parents and Grandparents, some become artists or caregivers or missionaries. And that is how the Farm sustains itself by feeding others.

    All because the Farmer hovered over some seeds that He knew the Neighborhood would need.

    In return the “fruit” tells whoever will listen or read what a great farmer the Farmer is and how he loved and tended His plants until they were ready to leave the farm. And even though the fruits are far from the farm they are never far from The Farmer who still tends and cares for them.

    That is how I think of this verse and how God works and how He takes care of His fruits and NUTS!! I won’t say I am of the nut family but I have heard….. =O

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