Study God's Word to know Him better

Gen 1:4 and Gen 1:6-8

Verse 4

 Lord I am looking today at this verse.  After speaking light into the world you separated the light from the darkness.  There is no mention of gray.  Thank you that you are a God of absolutes.  You completely separated the light from the darkness.  You gave each a name, day and night.  Lord I know here on earth as the sun rises or sets we get twilight and it may seem a shade of gray.  But when you created them you separated them into two distinct things.

Genesis 1: 6-8

The next thing you did was separate the waters of earth from the waters above.  You placed the sky in between.  Though I have read this before, I must have skimmed over it.  Lord you spent one whole day separating the waters and placing the sky in between.  You spoke the sky into place but what God were you thinking when you did it?  We had to have air to breath.  We couldn’t live in water.  Were you already thinking about how you were going to create man and animals that would fill the earth? You could have made us all with gills to live in the water but I am so grateful you didn’t.  Lord thank you for being a God who provides the sky with air to breath!  Though we have polluted it so, I know that when you spoke it into place it was clean and pure and fresh!  Forgive us Lord for what we have done to the beauty and goodness of your creation.

Lord I also thank you for the beauty of the sky.  It is your canvas to show us your beauty and power.  I think of beautiful sunrises and sunsets with glorious colors and shapes that take my breath away.  I think of cloud formations that move and change with the wind in a never ending kaleidoscope of wonder and awe.  I then think Lord of the power and might in the storms that rage.  The lightning and thunder show your mighty power and strength.  I love them! Thank you again Lord for creating the sky!  What a gift to see your handiwork displayed right before our eyes on a daily basis.  Thank you for being a God who shows me daily your beauty, power and might as I just look at the sky you created.  Thank you for planning for us so perfectly to provide all we need in the air and sun and even the darkness for resting.  I so love you!


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